What should I do before I sell my scrap car?

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Prior to the removal of the vehicle from your property, do go over its contents and remove anything of value left inside.  Rummage through the glove compartment, the floor, under the seats and in the trunk and any other area where you may have left something of value.  It is not unusual that you could find some lost items in there including cash or CDs. If the car is registered, you need to contact the insurance company in order to cancel the policy.

If you are not the current owner of the scrap car, you need to provide us with a title that it has been signed over to you by the owner.  In the scenario where an old vehicle was merely abandoned on your property, you will need to call the police so as to acquire the special paperwork needed for its removal.  In most cases, the legal owner needs to sign off on the removal depending on how long the car has been left on your property.

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