What is the difference between salvage vehicles and junk cars?

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Many people have the false impression that salvage and junk cars are basically the same thing.  To set the record straight, junk cars are classified as vehicles that are so damaged they are no longer safe to repair or used on the road. Salvaged cars on the other hand, have undergone a series of repairs and are still considered roadworthy.

Salvaged cars are useful for a couple of reasons.  For instance, people that cannot afford to buy second hand vehicles can avail of salvaged cars as an alternative.  Salvaged cars offer some value for money to some people that are brave enough to search junkyards for vehicles that they can refurbish.  They could also get in touch with insurance companies to provide them with cars that they can either “Salvage” or simply classify as junk cars so that they could sell these junkers for a small fee.

A lot of people often think of a junkyard as a dump in the less pretty part of the Cities, where items that are no longer of use are sent to be destroyed.  However, the truth is Junk Cars for Cash MN offers a win-win situation for you and the scrapyard.  You earn some money from something you no longer need and the junkyard gets to recycle the vehicle so that it can be converted to raw materials such as steel in order to create new cars and other products.  Plus, it is great for the environment as we no longer need to harness too much of the earth’s natural resources to create stuff we need.

Auto recycling in Minneapolis / Saint Paul is a huge help to the economy.  We help take old (usually more polluting automobiles) out of circulation and recycle the materials to be made into new vehicles or products.  It’s much better for the environment and the economy to recycle the materials than go through the process of mining, refining, and manufacturing.

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